DC Power Jack Repair

DC Power Jack and Charging Port Repair Service of Aurora

We specialize in laptop power jack replacement, computer charging Ports, repairing HDMI connectors, Type B USB ports, power related issues, laptop computers that won’t turn on, shut off prematurely, laptop battery that won’t charge, and more on all major laptop computer models such as: Aspire, Apple, Mac Book, Mac Book Pro, Latitude, Alien-ware, Del, HP Pavilion, HP Envy, HP, IBM, Samsung, Toshiba notebook. If you’re looking for a dependable laptop dc jack replacement or charging port repair service in Chicago, Aurora and surrounding Illinois area, we can help.

DC Jack Repair Service Includes

Laptops Power Cord Tested
Internal Cleaning – Cooling Fan & System Board
Broken DC Jack De-Soldered Off System Board
New Replacement DC Jack Soldered / Installed
Fresh Thermal Paste Applied To CPU
Power Test Prior To Laptop Assembly
Laptop Re-Assembly
Test After Laptop Assembly
Parts & Labor

Aurora Laptop lcd screen and dc jack proudly serving Napervlle, Cook County, Batavia, Berkeley and Elgin with exceptional charging port repairs.

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How to Test Your Laptop DC Power Jack?

First, disconnect the battery, then connect the ac adapter of your laptop or tablet to an outlet, then attach it to your device. If the battery charge light does no comes on, this is a sign of a bad DC power jack (charging port) or power supply other known an external power reply or brick. This is a common problem that laptop computer, tablet and phone users experience during the life of their device. If this turns out to be the case, Laptop LCD Screen and DC Jack service replace them all the time. Our value added charging port replacement service includes a brand new power jack specifically designed for your laptop/tablet and cooling assembly/fan cleaning at no extra charge.


How to find your nearest computer repair service

Search for best computer repair near me using your zip code and model number to find other computer repair services such as geek squad, repair-now, computer repair New York city, computer repair shops, computer repair specialist for laptop computer screen replacement, computer and tablet screen replacement.

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Laptop LCD Screen and DC Jack Repair Services 

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