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Printed Circuit Board Component Replacement and Soldering Service – Aurora

Repairing circuit boards or electronic devices is more cost-effective and another way to keep unwanted electronics out of our landfills

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We have more experience than the next printed circuit board repair shop when it comes to reliably reworking assembled printed circuit boards, part placement and reliable solder repair per IPC guidelines. We also repair damaged conductor traces on PCB boards that are difficult, if not impossible to replace. 

Cold-soldered joints sometimes happen during mass production, in which malfunctions present themselves after sometimes years of operation. Printed circuit board level soldering completed in a reasonable time, and a fair price.

Have your old electronics repaired instead of discarding them.

If your repair involves PCB board level soldering, Type B USB ports, leaded components, capacitors, resistors, charging ports, HDMI ports, dc power jacks, etc., replacement on printed circuit boards or motherboards, let us help with the repair of your printed circuit board level repair.

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Printed Circuit Board Repair

We repair printed circuit boards needing the old components De-soldered and replaced with known good ones and 100% visually inspect original solder joints for degradation and cold solder connections.

PC Board Component Soldering

Specializing in repairing difficult to replace printed circuit boards or electronic devices is more cost-effective and another way to keep unwanted electronics out of our landfills. If you have a hardware problem with your electronic device, contact us for a free quote to repair it to working condition. Many components such as dc charging ports, Mini USB, HDMI ports come loose or become damaged from physical force when plugged in or removed from the connector. Various problems may arise in manufacturer’s soldering process, which lead to nonfunctional joints either immediately or after over time.

Whether repairing a broken connection on a printed circuit board, soldering a replacement battery, dc power jack, changing components, repairing bad solder joint, mother board repair, laptop, desktop, charging port, USB port, earphone jack, speaker, ac adapters, don’t worry we can even fix Aristocrat Gaming’s video, slot machine PCB boards, Bally PCB Board, Namco Classic, Jam ma PCB Board, View sonic PCB board, Wii, keyboard, Howard Miller Radio Controlled clock. Contact us today for your repair options.

Discrete Components, Resistors, Diodes and Capacitors

“It’s possible that you have damaged or shorted out electrolytic capacitor(s) or another issue effecting the capacitor and PCB board connections. Boards with a damaged capacitor, resistor or diode are more susceptible to voltage ripple even though the board will still work, it may crash more. Electrolytic or faulty components are fail overtime due to resistance changes or overheating. We test and replace all bad components on PCB boards and return them in a reasonable time/cost”.

Broken DC Power Jack and Charging Ports

Soldering per IPC Standards.

Specializing in through-hole printed circuit board soldering

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Over 25 years in the electronic industry
Best Samsung NP series, Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series laptop DC power jack charging port repair service.

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