Hard Drive Data Recovery

Professional Hard Drive Data Recovery Service Aurora

Contact Data Recovery Service as soon as possible if you have experienced a data (hard drive) storage failure.

Computer hard drive failure is a catastrophe experience. Hard drive failure is an unfortunate fact of life for anyone who uses a computer. Fortunately your files and personal data is recoverable, so don’t give up on that broken hard drive yet. We can you recover your family photos, work documents, music, movies that you meant to back up from your old hard drive, but never had the opportunity to do so.

They use only non-destructive hard drive data recovery processes and pull data from your hard drive on a sector by sector basis, and work directly on the clone.

This will make sure your hard drive is not damaged further and that a second image of the original structure is readily available if needed. The typical time for hard disk recovery is 3 Business Days to complete. It can take longer to process if we have a slow read or hard drives larger than 2 Terabyte.

After determining what steps will be necessary to complete your hard drive recovery, we will contact you. As soon as you approve the recovery, we will start the recovery effort, by validating the data, and then place it on a suitable replacement media of your choice, whether it is CD-ROM, DVD, and or external hard drive or another storage device.

•Western Digital
• Hitachi
• Seagate
• Toshiba
• Fujitsu
• Samsung

Contact them as soon as possible if you have experienced a data (hard drive) storage failure. Multiple attempts to extract the data without professional data recovery services may lead to irretrievable data from the media. Call today to get your free quote!

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