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We specialize in data recovery, hard drive recovery, data recovery services, Chicago data recovery, hard disk recovery, flash drive failure recovery, data recovery services, hard disk failure, computer failure, computer crash, deleted file, data recovery Illinois, data restoration Chicago. Also, laptop USB flash drive and tablet micro mini USB charging port replacement. We are USB recovery experts that retrieve data in the most unimaginable and extreme USB data loss scenarios.

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Best USB Flash Drive Data Retrieval – Illinois


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Best usb broken-flash-drive-data-recovery-service in Illinois

We are USB thumb drive data recovery experts that have helped countless memory stick users retrieve their data from any model USB flash drive, including SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend, Corsair and all others.

Recovering unexcessable data from USB flash drive better known as data recovery.

USB flash drives are a convenient way to store and share files between Macbook and Personal Computers

If files stored on your USB drive are inaccessible for any reason, your computer cannot detect the USB flash drive, the light is blinking but won’t display the content on your computer display, don’t assume that the files are permanently lost. By utilizing specialized techniques, we recover your personal files on non-functioning or broken USB flash storage devices, then transfer them to a storage device of your choice.

Data recovery repair services Naperville, IL and surronding suburbs.

Has this Ever Happened to You Before Leaving You With a Separated USB Connector and PCB Board?

USB flash drive recovery requires the right tools and ability in flash memory storage structure. Your USB flash drive got bumped while connected to your laptop and looks like ones in photos below, and no longer registers when you plug it into a computer USB flash drive port. If so, inaccessible personal data and family photos that seem deleted from your flash drive are not lost. We are USB thumb drive data recovery experts who have helped countless USB thumb drive users retrieve their data from any model (memory stick) USB flash drive, including San-disk, Kingston, Transcend, Corsair and all others.

Customer Review:

“They recovered all of my data from a flash drive that was no longer able to be read by my PC. They recovered the data in a very timely manner.”

USB Data Storage Devices

Flash based storage devices such as USB flash drives / memory sticks / Pen Drives / USB thumb drives, offer great reliability and easy, convenient way of holding data and transferring it between devices. If the files stored on your USB drive are lost or inaccessible for any reason, your computer cannot detect the USB flash drive, don’t assume that the files are permanently lost. Specialized tools and techniques extract and recover data from non functional USB flash drives.
USB flash drives are very commonly used to hold and transfer valuable data. Continuing to use a failed USB flash drive or if it indicates any signs of imminent failure may lead to permanent data loss. We specialize in USB flash drive repair and recovery of data from failed, unrecognized, physically broken, damaged USB flash drives also known as USB thumb drives or USB memory stick.

Broken scan disk flash-drive data recovery near Aurora, Naperville and Chicago il.

Don’t Worry, Your data can be recovered!

Laptop LCD Screen and DC Jack Repair data recovery service can offer a quick turnaround upon receipt of the device.

From bent prongs to ports, broken pcb board or advanced circuit repair, they have you covered. They retrieve data from USB flash drive including SanDisk Cruz-er, Laxer, Kingston, Transcend, Corsair and others.

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Cruzer USB flash drive connectors sometime break when dropped or bumped.

Broken USB Cruzer Flash Drive

Broken Connectors on a Micro Mini USB Port

Did you ever plug your USB flash drive into your laptop computer, but nothing happens? If the same USB drive works in a different computer, the USB ports on your computer could be the problem. USB port sometimes fail if the device gets bumped when attached to your personal computer. When this issue happens, we tend to blame the USB flash drive, however this is not always the case. Most electronic devices today have USB flash drives, Apple iPod USB chargers or USB ports in them.

Give us a call today if you discover the USB charging port need replacing. We specialize USB and charging port replacement. In some situations non-functioning USB drive are fixable, but the majority of the broken ones that we see need replacing. If the charging light on your device no longer comes on when plugged into a wall outlet the USB charging port is bad.

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