Our LCD display and touch screen installation comes with a 3 Year warranty that covers materials and workmanship. A broken screen does not spell the end of the life cycle for your electronic device. Since broken LCD screens and touch screens are replaceable, so you won’t have to consider buying a new. LCD displays and touch screens are the most sensitive components on laptop computers, notebooks, tablets and cell phones. Accidents happen every day but don’t worry, they replace cracked LCD and touch screens on all laptop PC, tablet models. Most screen replacements cost less than 1/3 the price of a new device.  We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with your brand new screen and our professional services

All Laptop and Notebook Models Serviced

Lenovo Screen Repair
Samsung Tablet Screen Replacement
Apple Macbook Screen Repair
iPad Mini, iPad 2
Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet Screen Repair
Tablet Screen Repair
Laptop Screen Repair

Certified service center with trained PC repair experts who know how to correctly diagnose and replace any notebook, laptop computer or tablet display screen. Each LCD display or touch screen get installed by certified technicians with over 20 years computer repair and hard ware installation experience.

Customers usually choose the nearest screen repair shop based on customer reviews, recommendations or advice from friends and family.  check out our customer reviews to see what they tell others about Laptop LCD Screen and DC Jack repair service. Contact us today and get your laptop computer screen repaired by a reputable computer shop. Give us a call today to receive a $15.00 discount on your next visit.

Certified technicians with more than 25 years experience in computer repair and hardware maintenance. Most computer screen repair and installations take less than 3 business days. Cracked laptop, notebook and tablet screen replaced daily with 100% guarantee. LCD screen repair service for laptop computers, notebook and tablet touchscreens.

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Trained PC experts that diagnose and correct laptops, Apple Macbook computers and tablets hardware and software malfunctions.
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