Professional PC Board Soldering Service

Professional PC Board Soldering Service - Aurora

Professional PC Board Soldering Service PCB Repair and Component Replacement,

Have your old electronics repaired instead of throwing them away.

If your circuit board requires board level soldering or B-type USB ports, battery replacement, leaded capacitors, resistors, charging ports, dc power jacks on printed circuit boards or substrates, let us help with your printed circuit board level (PC board) repair. We have more and experience than the next repair provider when it comes to reliably rework assembled circuit boards and soldering. Component placement and reliable solder joints per IPC guidelines. Printed circuit boards sometimes need old components De-soldered and replaced with known good ones, or perhaps the original solder has degraded. We also repair damages traces on printed circuit boards that are difficult, if not impossible to replace. All printed circuit board level soldering is completed in a reasonable time. Contact us first instead of throwing them out!

Some printed circuit boards require CMOS batteries to work properly.

CMOS battery soldered to printed circuit board.

Brand New Components Soldered to PC Board

Specializing in repairing difficult to replace printed circuit boards or electronic devices is more cost effective and another way to keep unwanted electronics out of our landfills.

Professional soldering service use trained technicians to assemble and solder Printed circuit board components.

Solder joints done by trained technician with over 25 years experience

Whether repairing a broken connection on a printed circuit board, soldering a replacement battery, dc power jack, de-soldering, changing components, repairing bad solder joint, mother board repair, laptop, desktop, charging port, USB port, earphone jack, speaker, ac adapters, don’t worry we can even fix Chilli – Aristocrat Gaming’s Mexican-themed video, Chilli Pepper IGT slot machine circuit boards, MB2513075505704 printed circuit boards, Bally PCB Boards, Namco Classic, Jamma PCB Board, Viewsonic pc board, Wii Gutar Hero, xi049 Novation keyboard, Howard Miller Radio Controlled clock. Contact us today for your repair options.

Over 25 years in the electronic industry

Laptop DC jack charging port repair service

Broken DC Power Jack and Charging Ports

This is one of the most common problems we see in our shop, when the power cable that connects to the laptop is no longer working, some repair shops or retail stores will tell you; you need to buy a new computer. Often, this situation calls for a new dc power jack to be soldered to the mother board.

Intermittent Solder Connections

If you have a hardware problem with your computer, contact them before buying a new one. There are many parts in a computer such as dc charging ports that can come loose or connections can become oxidized over time, creating intermittent problems.

Soldering per IPC Standards.

Specializing in through-hole component to printed circuit board soldering.

Conveniently located west of the Fox Valley Mall (Westfield Mall), and south of Waubonsie Valley High school, south of Copley Hospital, east of Oswego off Route 34 (Ogden Ave.) and west of Naperville, IL, near Georgetown. Montgomery and Ogden are the main intersection.
1659 Cumberland Rd., Aurora, IL. 60504

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